Do more with Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a great choice for your organization. But… you know, sometimes the standard configuration is just not enough to meet your requirements. How can we help you visualize your ideas?

Custom Design & Functionality

On your way to making Cornerstone OnDemand truly yours, have you reached a dead end? To meet your company’s needs and requirements, you need more flexibility than what the configuration options provide.

Octily helps you plan, design, and create …

  • Custom Career Sites
  • Custom Welcome Pages
  • Custom Pages
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Portal Design
  • Custom Functionality

In total, more than 1.5 million employees, from 37+ global companies, use our customizations on a regular basis.

Custom Design Essentials

Some processes and functionalities in Cornerstone OnDemand are so fundamental to HR, they were built and introduced to the platform a long time ago – using the legacy design standards of that time.

Because they still work well, they don‘t seem to be redesigned anytime soon.

To bridge these Cornerstone roadmap gaps, modernize the design and improve the user journey of essential pages, Octily is creating a set of custom design products, that are easy to activate and used on a month-by-month basis.

Custom Content & Communication

Searching for the perfect words and approaches to share new Cornerstone OnDemand features with your employees, partners, or the public?

360° Positioning & Messaging

We're delighted to offer our marketing and strategy experience to help you define a tailor-made 360° positioning and messaging – based on interviews and feedback from the HR team, executives, employees, managers, and research about the company, industry and competition.

Octily helps you with the creation of custom content, marketing materials and entire campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Octily?

Octily is an inventive, creative studio focused on enhancing and extending Cornerstone OnDemand to match each companies’ unique requirements, improve end users’ experiences and HR teams' success.

As a Certified Partner of Cornerstone OnDemand, Octily provides:

  • Custom Design – Incorporate your own company look-and-feel to make sure employees feel “at home” on first encounter, and candidates get a seamless brand experience before they become a part of the company.
  • Custom Functionality – Extend and enhance the Cornerstone OnDemand platform with additional features. Page-by-page or portal-wide.
  • Custom Content – Unique text and page content to match your corporate positioning and messages.
  • Custom Communication – Help HR teams “find their voice” (or find “the best words”) to launch and build the buzz inside the company for Cornerstone OnDemand. One-time launch, and ongoing communications programs to publicize new features, new process “how to’s,” new company programs, additional learning content, etc.

Who is Octily?

The heart of Octily is Robert Bucher, inspiring CEO, Founder, and Creative Director, renowned in the Cornerstone community for helping companies “Do More” with Cornerstone OnDemand.

With his endless patience, a pixel-perfection work attitude, and a “no bullshit” communication style, Rob loves to go the extra mile to make clients happy and find solutions to “unsolvable” problems.

But, since its early days in 2016, Octily has grown up to become even “more” – a finely woven net of hand-picked individuals with decades of experience in their field.

So far, Octily has helped more than 37 of the world’s largest companies, including Bosch, Electrolux, and Mercedes-Benz Vans, extend Cornerstone OnDemand functionality and enhance its look and feel – based on clients’ corporate design and tailored to their specific needs. Octily always strives for a unified end-user experience for candidates, employees, and clients’ partners.

With its strong positioning, messaging, and writing (some call it “Marketing”) capabilities and experience, Octily can also play a vital role in “launching” Cornerstone OnDemand internally. It has proven its expertise during a roll-out campaign for DPDHL’s new Learner Home to their 510,000+ employees worldwide. The multilingual campaign led to a better understanding of, and a higher engagement with, the platform among the workforce and management team.

What’s Octily’s heritage?

With Robert Bucher's roots in development of HR software at ExecuTRACK, dating back to 2002, a leading role in global corporate marketing at StepStone Solutions and fundamental responsibility for Lumesse ETWeb's user interface design, Octily is proud to offer its 17+ years of experience in Talent Management solutions, as a Certified Partner of Cornerstone OnDemand.

Frances Mann-Craik is a Silicon Valley pioneer, having grown up in Palo Alto, California, she has been an integral part of the Valley’s transformation from apricot orchards to today’s high-tech mecca. With 30+ years of global marketing and business expertise, wearing the CXO hat at companies from high-tech startups to multi-nationals, Octily now applies her strategic marketing and writing expertise to help HR groups, at Cornerstone OnDemand clients, find their voice for promoting Cornerstone company wide with “what to say” and “how to say it”.

Where is Octily located?

Octily is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has a field office in the Silicon Valley, USA.

Who are Octily clients?

Our clients are typically, but not exclusively multi-national organisations, who most likely have already signed a contract with Cornerstone OnDemand, and usually have started using the system for a couple of months before they get in touch with us. They have 74,500 employees on average, ranging from 650 to 420,000. Their average user count within Cornerstone OnDemand is about 47,500.

Because most of our clients are global enterprises, lots of project teams come from mixed locations. So far we have enjoyed worked with fine individuals from Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, and India.

But still our clients have one thing in common: The need a little more than what the standard configuration allows them to do.

In total, more than 1.5 million users see the results of our work on a regular basis.

We are very happy to work with and for amazing clients like Air Liquide, Bosch, BP, CGM, DPDHL, Drax Group, Electrolux, Ergo, F/LIST, Hella, Henkel, Lindt & Sprüngli, McDonald's, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Munich Re, Novartis, OMV, Pret A Manger, SAI Global, Samsung, SCA, Schneider Electric, Simon-Kucher & Partners, SKIDATA, Subsea 7, Total Wine & More, Unilever, Vitronic, and Xella.

What can Octily do for Cornerstone clients?

  • Custom Design & Functionality
    • Custom Career Sites
    • Custom Welcome Pages
    • Custom Pages
    • Custom Forms
    • Custom Functionality
  • Custom Content & Communication
    • Roll-out communication, Launch program, and content creation, for company-wide publicity of Cornerstone OnDemand, that complements corporate positioning and messages

What Octily can't do for Cornerstone clients?

Technical implementations, standard configuration and integration with 3rd party applications. However, Octily teams up with other Certified Partners to make this happen.

How does a typical project with Octily flow?

For Custom Design & Functionality projects:

    1. Initiation Phase
    1. Discovery Phase
    2. Design Phase (optional)
    3. Configuration Phase
    4. Implementation Phase
    5. UAT Phase
    6. Go-Live Phase

For Website Content & Internal Launch:

    1. Initiation Phase
    1. Positioning and Messages Research
    2. Website content creation
    3. Internal launch program development
    4. Internal launch content and deliverables – email campaigns, presentations, posters, fliers, social media campaigns, articles, etc.

How long does a typical Octily project take?

Typical projects, like Custom Career Sites or Custom Welcome Pages, take between 8 and 12 weeks from contract signing. Smaller adjustments may just need a fraction of that time.

Positioning Projects typically take 6 weeks from contract signing, with website content creation following agreement on messages.

Internal launch typically runs in parallel with website content creation, and is also based on results of positioning research.

On-going communication campaign leverages P&M and launch materials and continues communication, to publicize features and opportunities, on a regular basis.

What is the price range of a typical Octily project?

Octily is well known for "best bang for the buck".

We strive for efficiency and as little overhead as possible, to make sure our projects don't waste your time. We keep things simple, direct and clear. Usually you will only have a single contact person from our team guiding you through the entire project. No time will be spent on explaining things several times.

Our project fees are based on estimated effort. Without any details about the project, it's hard to guestimate a qualified price range. The easiest way to get a solid estimate is to send a rough project outline to Robert Bucher, or setup a call to connect directly.